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Like Evernote for Contacts - Matt Marshall,     Editor-in-Chief VentureBeat


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Contact Manager from 5Degrees

5Degrees makes tools that make life in business simpler.

Try 5Degrees iPhone CRM today, and experience customer relationship management (CRM) software designed for today's road warrior.

5Degrees iPhone sales apps, 5degrees CRM and Networker, our new Card Scanning app that makes getting people into your iPhone CRM app a snap (literally), now combined with Web based Contact Manager access to all your contacts. 5Degrees is simplifying your life in business. You'll call it a lifesaver. We call it 5Degrees.

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A Contact Manager must work seamlessly, both at the office on your computer and on-the-go from your mobile device. We believe Contact Management is different at 5Degrees. Managing contacts is often times not the easiest of tasks, yet managing contacts is vital.

We have all heard the common phrase “relationships are the life lifeblood of your business.” Well, managing contacts responsibly leads to those relationships being built. Establishing good habits early will help you reap the benefits of having these relationships, which are so important to the growth of your business.  Those who are able to manage all of their contacts all of the time from any location imaginable possess a competitive advantage over competitors without customer relationship management.


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What the Tech?

The 5Degrees Team

Integrations, APIs, contacts, we got 'em all! To read more about our platform, click here.

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The 5Degrees Team

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